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Supreme Student Government

Constitution/ By- Laws

Constitution/ By- Laws
Executive Body
Legislative Body
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Republic of the Philippines
Guang- Guang Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental


        We, the bonafide students of Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology (DOSCST), imploring the aid of the Almighty God, in order to establish a student government that shall truly embody our ideals and aspiration, promote the common good, welfare and interest, enhance and develop our potentials and ensure to ourselves a sense of independence under the rule of law, justice, freedom, love, equality and peace, do ordain and promulgate this constitution.

artticle i – general provision

section 1 - This constitution shall be known as the Constitution of the Supreme           Student Government of Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology.

 Section 2 - This Constitution governs the Supreme Student Government of Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology, which includes the students of its Extension Campuses.

Section 3 - For the purpose of this constitution unless the context indicates otherwise:

a.    “Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology” signifies the acronym DOSCST

b.    DOSCST includes all departments constituting the DOSCST Main Campus and Extension Campuses,

c.     The term “Department” refers to the following:

1.    Agriculture and Food Technology Department (AFTD)

2.    Agri-Business and Rural Development Department (BARDD)

3.    Natural Sciences Department (NSD)

4.    Mathematical Sciences Department (MSD)

5.    Nursing Department (ND)

6.    Engineering and Technology Department (ETD)

7.    Education and Teachers Training Department (ETeTD)

8.    San Isidro Campus (SIC)

9.    Cateel Extension Campus (CEC)

This enumeration shall not prejudice to all Department which may be established by the College.


d.    “SSG” refers to the Supreme Student Government (as distinguished from any other Department’s Student Government in DOSCST.

e.    “Supreme Student Government of DOSCST” refers to the whole student population of DOSCST belonging to all Departments mentioned in this constitution.

f.      “SSG Officers” refers to all students elected at large to hold office in the SSG including those appointed by the latter.

g.    “Department’s Student Government or DSG” means the duly constituted Student Government of the Department.

h.    “DOSCST Administration” signifies the duly constituted administration officials of the DOSCST.

i.       The SSG shall have an official seal, which shall be approved by the SSG votes of all members of the Senate.

j.      “Permanent Vacancy” exists when the office of the SSG Officers has been vacated by reasons of death, irrevocable resignation, impeachment, expulsion from the college or permanent illness preventing him / her from performing the function of his / her office.

k.     “Temporary Vacancy” exists when the office of an SSG Officer has been temporarily vacated but with the possibility or resuming his / her office before the expiration of his / her term or tenure of office, the vacancy of which is due to temporary mental or physical incapacity, detention or any other reason.

l.       “Term of Office” shall mean one (1) year, to start on the second Friday of March and ends in the same date of the following year.


Section 1 – The highest governing body of DOSCST studentry shall be officially known as the Supreme Student Government (SSG).

Section 2 - Its main office shall be located within the premises of the main campus and shall have the branch offices within the premises of its Extension Campuses of DOSCST.


Section 1 - The SSG upholds the supremacy of the Philippine Constitution as the expression of the sovereign will of the people and as the supreme law of the land.

Section 2 - The SSG of DOSCST believes the following:

a.    That access to education shall be given to everyone.

b.    That education should develop man’s physical, mental, social, cultural, political and spiritual potentials to the fullest, in order to realize a human and humane existence for all.

c.     That education should enhance critical and analytical thinking and sound judgment, free from superstitious and myths belief.

Section 3 – The SSG shall strive to:

a.    defend and promote the rights and general welfare of DOSCST students;

b.    serve as an active forum of student’s ideas and sentiments;

c.     instill consciousness among the ranks of students;

d.    promote the ideals of the college in realizing the development of human resources in terms of ensuring a well – rounded intellectual, social, cultural, physical, political and spiritual development of every students;

e.    enhance social awareness and promote national consciousness among students;

f.      cooperated and establish linkages with various sectors of the society in the pursuit of common interest, particularly in the formation of just and humane society;

g.    develop responsible studentry, who will uphold service – oriented education;

h.    support educational reforms along nationalistic, humanistic and scientific methods, for the development of human potential; to meet the social realities and to exercise academic freedom;

i.       coordinate with the OSA in over – all planning for the development of the institution.


Section 1 - The SSG shall be composed of all bonafide students of DOSCST.

Section 2 - A compulsory membership fee of P15.00 shall be collected upon enrollment every semester with a corresponding official receipt and is non – refundable.

Section 3 - Membership shall be terminated automatically upon separation from the College.


Section 1 -        The following shall be the rights and privileges of every member:

a.    to enjoy freedom of expression and injury;

b.    to have his/her grievances or complaint heard and speedily addressed;

c.     to exercise his / her right of suffrage;

d.    to be informed of all undertakings and activities of the SSG and the right to participate therein;

e.    to examine all reports and financial statements and other related documents;

f.      to propose resolutions and motions and to cast his / her votes.


Section 1 – It shall be the duty and obligation of every student to follow, obey, protect and uphold the Constitution and By – Laws of the SSG, and DOSCST College Code.

Section 2 - It shall be the duty of every student to attend the exercise his / her rights and duties accordingly.

Section 3 - It shall be the duty of every student to attend and participate all meetings and activities conducted by the SSG and the College.


Section 1 - The term of office of the President, Vice – President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Business Manager, PIO and the Senators shall commence immediately after their induction which will be held on the second (2nd) Friday of March and one  (1) year there after, and will end on the same date of their induction.

Section 2 - The quorum of the SSG Officers to transact business shall be a simple majority i.e. 50 % + 1.

Section 3 - The SSG shall have an official gazette initiated by the PIO.




Section 1 - The Composition of the set of Officers of the SSG shall be divided into three (3) bodies:

1.    Executive body

2.    Legislative body

3.    Judiciary body

Section 2 -        The Executive body shall be composed of the following officers elected at large.

a.    President

b.    Vice – President

c.     Secretary

d.    Treasurer

e.    Auditor

f.      Public Information Officer

g.    Business Manager

Section 3 - The Legislative body, otherwise known as the Senate shall be composed of eighteen (18) senators. Every department shall elect two (2) senators who will represent in the senate.

Section 4 - The Judiciary shall be composed of all departments Vice – Governors. Their powers and functions shall be defined through senate resolution duly approved by the SSG President.


Section 1 - All powers and governance as entrusted by the students shall be vested on the SSG.

Section 2 - The SSG shall be the sole legitimate representative of the students’ body to the school administration and other recognized entities on all matters affecting the interest, welfare of the studentry.

Section 3 - It should pass resolutions, manifestos and position papers in matters that help advance the cause of which the SSG stands for.

Section 4 - The SSG shall have the power to impose disciplinary action upon its erring officers in accordance with the provisions on impeachment.

Section 5 - It can conduct inquiries on any matters or issues affecting the studentry in aid of legislation.

Section 6 - It shall endeavor to unite and consolidate each rank to advance collective welfare and interest of studentry.


Section 1 - Every candidate of the SSG must have at least one (1) year residency in this college before the general election. However, the student who had resided in the college for at least a year that had stopped for reason other that transferring to other school, college or university and has re – enrolled in the DOSCST at the time of election shall be considered qualified.

Section 2 - Any student shall be illegible to run for the office of the President and Vice – President and Senators provided that, at the time of election;

a.    He is carrying an academic load at least ten (10) units,

b.    He has no failing grades on the immediate proceeding semester prior to the election,

c.     At least one (1) year residence in this college.


Executive Body  

Section 1 - President

a.    He / she shall be elected at large;

b.    He / she shall preside in all meetings and general assemblies except in legislative meetings or sessions;

c.     He / she shall sign in any and all such payments, contracts, letters, resolutions and other obligations in the name of SSG;

d.    He / she shall have the power to vote any decision of the legislative body which is against the welfare of the SSG.

e.    He / she shall evaluate regularly the performances of his officers;

f.      He / she shall keep members and officers of the organization fully informed and consult freely with them or with the adviser of the SSG concerning the affairs and the activities;

g.    He/ she shall automatically be the representative of the policy - making body of the college;

h.    He / she approves all disbursement of student funds;

i.       He / she creates special committees or assign additional task to the SSG Officers as the need arises;

j.      He / she calls special or urgent meeting as the need arises;

k.     He / she represents the body on any administrative transactions;

l.       He / she performs such other functions called by his / her office.

Section 2 -        Vice – President

a.    He / she shall be elected at large;

b.    He / she assists the President whenever the need arises;

c.     He / she assumes the office of the President in case of incapacity, resignation, impeachment or permanent vacancy of the latter;

d.    He / she presides on the Senate meetings or sessions;

e.    He / she represents the legislative body to the general assembly.

Section 3 -         Secretary

a.    He / she shall be elected at large;

b.    He / she shall attend meetings of the government and keeps journals of minutes of each proceeding and records of the SSG;

c.     He / she attend all proclamation of the executive orders, resolutions or motions signed by the President;

d.    He / she shall send notice to the Officers three (3) days prior to the meetings;

e.    He / she shall prepare a semestral report for the SSG President;

f.      He / she shall forward to the SSG President copies of the approved resolutions within seventy two (72) hours after the approval;

g.    He / she shall sign and counter sign the certificate of membership, resolution or any documents of the SSG government;

h.    He / she shall be responsible for all the necessary communication;

i.       He / she shall make reports on all activities conducted by the SSG.

Section 4 -         Treasurer

a.    He / she shall be elected at large;

b.    He / she shall be custodian of all funds of the SSG government;

c.     He / she shall collect fees, dues, and other financial obligations accruing to the government;

d.    He / she shall record all expenditures of the government;

e.    He / she shall pay and deposit all funds collected and received in the name of the SSG government;

f.      He / she shall pay and deposit any financial obligations of the government when duly authorized by the President;

g.    He / she shall report financial statement of government funds during general assembly duly signed by the auditor;

h.    He / she shall prepare financial documents and records available for auditing purposes.

Section 5 -        Auditor

a.    He / she shall be elected at large;

b.    He / she shall audit all income and expenditure of the government;

c.     He / she shall suspend payments, vouchers or any transactions discovered as irregular;

d.    He / she shall conduct regular and surprise auditing of the book of accounts of the treasurer;

e.    He / she shall ensure that all funds of the government are well – spent;

f.      He / she shall keep inventory of all properties of the government;

g.    He / she shall perform other duties assigned to him / her by the President.

Section 6 -         Business Manager

a.    He / she shall be elected at large;

b.    He / she shall be in charge of the purchase of all facilities and materials needed in the activity of the government;

c.     He / she shall submit all receipts of purchase to the treasurer;

d.    He / she shall take charge of the program activities that shall be undertaken by the government;

e.    He / she shall perform other duties assigned to him / her by the President.

Section 7 -         Public Information Officer

a.    He / she shall be elected at large;

b.    He / she shall give all necessary information on the affairs and activities conducted by the government.

 Section 8 -        The Senate

a.    They shall be elected in every department;

b.    They shall be act as the law making body of the government;

c.     They shall pass or approved bills and resolutions;

d.    They shall have a sole authority to make appropriation of student funds;

e.    In the case of the President’s veto, the Senate may override it by a three fourth ( ) votes of its total membership;

f.      They shall have the right to create rules, regulations and policies within the government;

g.    They may authorize the SSG President to negotiate or transact business agreement with any person or entity for the welfare of the government.



Section 1 - Any SSG Officer may be suspended or impeached form his / her incumbency in any of the following acts.

a.    Culpable violation of the SSG Constitution;

b.    Dishonesty and disloyalty;

c.     Abuse of authority;

d.    Oppression in office;

e.    Gross negligence of the duty;

f.      Graft and corruption;

g.    Immorality;

h.    Insubordination;

i.       Betrayal of the Students’ trust;

j.      Habitual absenteeism without valid reasons form the sessions or meetings;

k.     And any other acts may defined by the Senate.

Section 2 - Any bonafide student or the Senate Students’ Rights and Welfare Committee may file a written complaint against any erring SSG Officer. The complaint must be signed by the complainant and copy of which shall be served to the respondent(s) within three (3) days fro the formal filing of the complaint.

Section 3 - The Senate Students’ Rights and Welfare Committee shall conduct a preliminary investigation to determine strong and credible evidence otherwise the committee may dismiss the complaint.

Section 4 - The respondent officer shall be accorded with due process of law.

Section 5 - The SRWC shall hear and decide the case within thirty (30) days upon the receipt of the formal complaint. The proceedings thereof shall be duly recorded.

Section 6 - A decision to impeach or suspend the respondent must be supported by 2/3 vote of all the officers through the secret balloting. If the penalty is suspension, it must not exceed to thirty (30) calendar days.

Section 7 - In case the President is subject to impeachment or suspension, the Vice - President shall be the presiding officer during the proceeding.

Section 8 - The Presiding Officer of the hearing and / or the proceeding must have no power to vote.

Section 9 - The complainant(s) shall have no voting power but have the right to be heard in the proceeding.



Section 1 - As a general rule, law of succession will be applied.

Section 2 - Whenever there are simultaneous permanent vacancies in the Office of the President, Vice – President, the remaining Senators shall elect among themselves for the vacant positions until such time that the post shall be filled in through special election to be scheduled immediately by the remaining officers.

Section 3 - Whenever there is vacancy in the positions of the Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Business Manager and PIO, the President has the power to appoint competent members subject to the confirmation of the Senate through the Committee on Appointment.



Section 1 - Any SSG Officers who desires to resign or takes the leave of absence must submit a formal letter indicating valid reason(s) for his / her resignation or leave of absence, it should be addressed to the President one week before he / she desires to vacate the position.

Section 2 - The resignation or leave of absence of the SSG Officers shall be approved by the President.

Section 3 –

a.    All power, function, papers and documents of the officers who have resigned shall be turned over to the newly appointed officer by the Committee on Appointments.

b.    In case an officer shall take the leave of absence for not more than two (2) weeks, the SSG President shall temporarily designate an officer to take over his / her position.



Section 1 - The General Election of the SSG President, Vice – President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Business Manager, PIO and eighteen (18) Senators shall be held every second (2nd) Thursday of February.

Section 2 - Filing of Candidates and Accreditation of Student Political Parties shall be done on the second (2nd) week of January through the Commission on Election (COMELEC) and thereafter, the campaign period shall officially start.

Section 3 - The election for SSG and Departmental Government shall be secret balloting.

Section 4 - All bonafide students of this college with no pending disciplinary action are qualified to vote.



Section 1 - The COMELEC which shall be created shall take charge of the all plebiscite and election proceedings.

Section 2 - The COMELEC shall be composed of five (5) commissioners, who shall be appointed by the SSG Officers and confirmed by the Committee on Appointment. The COMELEC commissioners shall elect among themselves a Chairman.

Section 3 - The COMELEC rules and regulations shall always be inconsonance with the policy legislation of the Senate.

Section 4 - The COMELEC shall conduct special election in case of permanent vacancy of any office of the SSG.

Section 5 - In the discharge of its function, the full autonomy and independence of COMELEC must be strictly preserved.

Section 6 - Members of the COMELEC shall be ineligible to hold any office in the SSG. Likewise, the provision on Article IX (Suspension, Expulsion and Impeachment) shall also be applicable to the members of the COMELEC.

Section 7 - The COMELEC, who holds office must have good behavior, until resigned, suspended or impeached.

Section 8 - The COMELEC, shall received of all protest petition regarding the election which will be in a formal letter and be filed seventy two (72) hours after the final counting of ballots.

Section 9 - The COMELEC may perform other duties and functions incidental to its creation.

Section 10 - The COMELEC shall perform quasi-judicial function with regards to violations of the election code as well as all cases of fraud and irregularities in the electoral process. Its decision is final and executory, unless appealed to the judiciary for final resolution.



Section 1 - No SSG o0fficers meeting shall be made without a quorum of fifty percent plus one (50% + 1).

Section 2 - Regular Meetings of the Officers:

a.    Executive meetings shall be conducted every 2nd Friday of the month.

b.    Legislative meetings shall be conducted every 1st Friday of the month.

c.     The Executive and Legislative Body shall convene from time to time as deemed necessary.

Section 3 -        General Assembly

a.    General Assembly meeting shall have a quorum of 10 % of the total population. This meeting shall be held 15 days before the end of the semester.   




Section 1- Any amendment to or revision of, this constitution may proposed by the SSG sponsored by any officer, upon 2/3 vote of all Senators.     

Section 2- Amendment to this constitution may likewise be directly proposed by the students through initiative upon a petition of at lest ten percent (10 %) of the total number of the bona fide student who shall submit the petition to the SSG.

Section 3 - The SSG by a majority vote of all officers may convene itself as a constitutional convention to be represented by the different student sectors and entities of this college.


Section 4 - Any amendment to or revision of this constitution shall be valid only when ratified by a majority votes cast in a plebiscite call for such purpose.



Section 1 – He/She must be a regular faculty member with least one (1) year

                residency of this college.

Section 2 - He/She must shall be appointed by the SSG President upon the confirmation of the 2/3

                votes of senators.

Section 3 -         The adviser shall have the following duties and powers:

a.    Provide guidance in fulfilling of each SSG vision and mission;

b.    Sees that the general program and resolution of the government  are carried into effect appropriately;

c.     Assumes office upon notification by the president in his acceptance thereof.



Section 1- The incumbent officer of the two body / branch of the SSG namely; the Executive Body and the Legislative Body shall remain in office until the end of their term on the second Friday of March 2001 and /or until the successors are duly elected and qualified.

Section 2 - The Constitution and By-Laws of all students’ campus organizations, department government and others entities are accorded due respect and recognition. Corollary, those concerned must adhere to the primacy of this constitution for this constitution for the interest.

Section 3 -  The first general election under this election under this constitution shall be on the first Friday and the duly elected officers thereof shall assume office after the induction which will be held on the second Friday of March 2001.



Section 1- This   constitution shall take effect immediately upon ratification by   a majority of votes cast in a plebiscite held for the purpose and shall supercede all previous constitution of the student body.

This documentation had been affirmed, by the Caucus of Department Governors and Student Leaders on November 18, 2000, at the function Hall of Davao Oriental Youth Integrated Development Center (DOYIDC), for the whole Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology studentry’s approval in a referendum.

Duly ratified on the 24th day of November, 2000 with 1,277 affirmative votes, 140 negative votes.

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Guang- Guang, Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental

Service and Honor, Voices Through Action!